Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Last RE Appointment/Ultrasound

Today was my final appointment at Buffalo IVF. It's very bittersweet but they've done their job & it's time for us to part ways. I will miss all the nurses and doctors as they've been so great to us over the last 18 months. But, time to move forward. My first OB appointment is on October 15 at Omni OBGYN in Hamburg. I found the 1st doctor that ever prescribed me fertility meds at this group. His name is Dr Bitar and I first met him 2 years ago right before he left Dr Persaud's office. I'm excited to go to a group. Ill see three different OB's, a NP & a CNN if I want too. As far as I know, they deliver at Women's and Children's hospital in buffalo. I know it's a far drive, so hopefully I don't suddenly going into labor when it's time. I am looking forward to my first appointment & meeting the people at the office. That's it for now. Below is a picture from today's scan. Baby is measuring great, has a heartbeat of 166 & the doctors are very happy, as are we :)

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  1. :)
    Congrats on the pregnancy.
    I'm behind you at 7 weeks now. I'm still with the RE, but I imagine I will feel a bit nervous about leaving the office behind when I graduate!

    Good luck!