Saturday, October 20, 2012

9w4d Ultrasound!!

I had my official dating ultrasound with Southtown's Radiology this past Tuesday & it was amazing!! Baby Astry was measuring right on what we should be measuring at 9w4d. Baby was moving all around, it was amazing! The tech told me that I have a very active baby & everything looked great! The HB was in the 170s and she even played the sound of the heart beating away for me, it was so wonderful! I'm now 10w1d. Everything has been going great. I am so exhausted and feel best when I get 9-10 hours of sleep each night! Granted I do get up "a million times" each night caused my insomnia and my freakishly small bladder haha! I have this amazing boppy pregnancy pillow that I highly recommend!! I'm so glad I spent the money on it! Casey even wants one! Haha. I've been quite nauseous in the mornings, but I'm good once I eat :) Sometimes I get it during the day if I get too hungry! I was surprised the 1st time I nauseous as I didn't have it last time, definitely a good sign for this pregnancy. Oh and I've been craving sweets like crazy, which is very unlike me normally!! I've started drinking fruit/veggie smoothies to get fruits/veggies in during the day, they're actually really good!! And that's my update! See some pictures below :)

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  1. You and I are not going to be BFFs anymore if you keep having dreams that I am pregnant too!!! ;-) <3