Saturday, February 22, 2014

9 Month Update

Happy 9 months to my sweet boy!! Hank is quite the chatter box, talking non-stop. Words he says are mama, dada, all done & doggie (kinda). He also thinks the cats are doggies too. He has 6 teeth & has learned that it's funny to bite & grind his teeth! He also thinks it's funny when mommy says no, but when daddy says it it means business! He likes all sorts of foods (although he's been a little picky lately), his favorites are Mac & cheese with veggies & yogurt! He still is breastfed & never had a drop of formula. He weighs around 17 lbs. He had his first big illness, RSV, last week & got breathing treatments from his puppy nebulizer, but is thankfully all better and off the treatments for now. He army crawls & gets up on all 4's & crawls backwards. He likes to get up on his knees & "stand" in his crib & grab his mobile! He's a funny boy with a big personality!!

My Fitness Journey

So I know it's been a long time since I've done an update, so I figured I'll do two separate posts! My first post is one that I'm very excited about, it's been my fitness journey. Mid-November, I had enough of how I looked. I gained weight back that I lost and wanted to lose 20 lbs and wanted to do something about it ASAP. After seeing many posts from a facebook friend, I decided to join a 30 day challenge group! I did the T25 program and drank Shakeology. Since I invested money in it, I found myself even more motivated to do the program! After 30 days I saw awesome results! I was losing weight over Christmas, while many people were gaining weight! I decided to become a Beachbody coach since I loved the program so much and saw what awesome results I had! So I'll share a couple things here: I now run a 30 day Challenge group to help people get a jump start on their weight loss program. I run a private group that's all about keeping up accountability and motivation! It's awesome! And we have so much fun! I also have a Facebook page where I post a lot of food/fitness tips and just started my own website as well! I'd love for you guys to check these out and enter my giveaway on my website!! I also have FREE coaching too if you want help losing weight/getting fit!! I finished the program last week and I lost a total of 17 lbs since starting the program (22 lbs since committing to doing the program) and 7.75 inches and I'm officially BELOW my pre-pregnancy weight!! Below are some of my progress pictures :D

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