Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2.5 month update

Holy crap! I haven't posted in forever! Sorry!! It's been crazy around here! :) I went back to work part time on July 15, it's been nice but I do miss my Hanky, it'll be hard going back full time in a few weeks but gotta work so I can continue spoiling Hank! Casey gets to spend a lot of time with Hank while I'm at work, which is awesome!! He'll start daycare part time in September, I can't wait for him to get to play with other babies :)

Hank is such a character! He has a big personality! He smiles, coos & talks all the time! I have no clue where he gets that from ;) he can roll over from tummy to back, but only when he wants to. He likes to watch TV and always wants to see what's going on in the world. He loves being carries in my baby k'tan wrap, I highly recommend this to any Mama! It's saved me when he just wants to be held but I need to get stuff done, it goes with me everywhere!! 

Hank is exclusively breastfed & is doing great! He loves nursing, as do I! I pump while at work so he can continue having breast milk when I'm gone. I'm not looking forward to pumping 3x/day but it's worth it for my little man! I hope we can continue our breast feeding relationship for a long time! It's very comforting to me & helps me feel very connected to Hank. He definitely prefers it over the bottle too which makes me feel good! 

Cloth diapering is going so well!! I'm so glad I've made the decision! CD'ing him has become a hobby of mine, I love finding new cute prints for his little butt! :) I'm thinking of doing some CD posts in the best future (if I find the time!). I'm sure it'll be a little different when he starts eating solids but I'm sure we'll adjust fine! 

Oh, Hank loves bath time! It's the cutest thing, he splashes around & talks, it's a fun time! I wish the water would stay warmer longer! Hank picked his lovie very early on, it's his giraffe wubbanub, I have a feeling I'll have to remove the soothie part when he no longer takes the pacifier! Haha. 

That's all I can think of now, even though I know there's a million other things I can talk about! :)