Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drum Roll Please!!

On September 10, I got the most amazing phone call...I'm pregnant!! I had 3 blood draws on Monday, Wednesday & Friday of that week & my numbers rose beautifully!! They more than doubled every 48 hours. I had my first ultrasound on Tuesday September 18 where we got to see 1 beautiful gestational sac, a clear yolk sac & a tiny little baby!! It's such a good feeling seeing that. My 2nd ultrasound was today September 27. We got to see Baby Astry's heartbeat for the first time! It was moving all over the place, even more of an amazing feeling. The heartbeat measured at 122 bests per minute which is great!! We are ecstatic! I am 6w6d, so 7 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I've been meaning to update my blog but am finally getting to it after our great news today!! I'll start uploading pictures from the last few weeks as well. Below the top ultrasound pictures is from today and the bottom one is the one from last Tuesday. Thanks again to everyone for all of their support, thoughts & prayers, they are all greatly appreciated!!


  1. YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I'm not getting any work done today because I'm following your TTC journey. So happy to read this post!

    1. Haha I just got a huge smile that you're going through my journey! It makes me want to read through everything again :-) Thanks again for reading!