Monday, April 30, 2012

9w4d ultrasound

Here's Orville!! I'm 9w4d, Orville is measuring a little over 8w! Just a little guy! 175 bpm heart rate & measuring just under 2 cm. Looks like a gummy bear & about that size too!! So in love!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

7w2d post

I've learned a bunch of fun facts over the last few days:
1. My uterus has doubled in size over the last 5w, by the end of this week, it'll be the size of a grapefruit! Explains some of the growing pains I've felt!
2. Orville is about the size of a blueberry, only 2 weeks ago he was the size of a poppy seed! Orville is 10,000 times bigger than at conception!
3. I found an OBGYN article published in an OBGYN journal about early gender predictions. It said that if baby is on the right side of uterus, 97% chance of it being a boy. If baby is on the left side of the uterus, 97% chance of it being a girl. Orville is on the right side of my uterus! So we'll see, mothers intuition has been telling me boy, I can't wait to find out for sure!
4. I now have 10% more blood flowing through my body than 5 weeks ago. Casey noticed the other day how blue & prominent the veins were on my arms, which is caused by having more blood in my system.
I know there were other fun facts I found but pregnancy brain has kicked in and cannot remember them!!
We saw Orville's heartbeat on Friday, beating at 122 beats per minute, that was really cool to see! I can't wait until we get to hear it. I'm gonna order a Fetal Doppler, we should be able to hear the heartbeat within the next 4 weeks, I can't wait!! :) One other stat, I weigh 132.8 lbs, I've lost 0.6 lbs. I haven't had nausea or vomiting, but even though I am eating more, I've noticed I am eating better. I have a little bloaty bump & some of my clothes even feel tighter! So that's about it for now :)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Bloaty bump at 7w1d

Can't wait 'til Bloaty bump turns into baby bump!

Baby Orville at 7w1d

Orville is the little white dot in the black hole, he's the size of a blueberry now! We even got to see heartbeat, it was 122 bpm! Sounds like a boy to me!

Monday, April 9, 2012


My darling husband (DH) thought it was funny I took a HPT after 4 blood works & an ultrasound confirming pregnancy. He didn't want to hold my "pee stick" here even though the cover is on it haha but I made him :)


I was so happy to see the positive HPT tonight :)

Positive HPT!

So while trying for so long, I saw so many negatives I refused to take another home pregnancy test until I was pregnant. I got my positive blood pregnancy 2 weeks ago today, and I had yet to do a HPT. Finally I took one tonight, I was still nervous taking it, it's like it's been engrained in me. I got giddy all over again when I saw that PREGNANT! It's just so exciting!! :) So here I am 6w4d & I finally took a HPT!

Friday, April 6, 2012

6w1d bump

Bloaty bump at 6w1d :)

6w1d - Symptons/Cravings

I'm 6 weeks, 1 day pregnant. It's amazing at how fast little Orville can affect my body, but with that pregnancy hormone going up everyday, it's happening very fast!

These are symptoms I've experienced thus far:
1. Fatigue - Ahh I'm always tired, I've been in bed by 9pm lately!
2. Insomnia - I wake up in the middle of the night and lie awake even though I'm tired. Insomnia goes good with Fatigue haha
3. Really sore boobs!!
4. Bloating - which is actually kinda cute because of the little bump haha
5. Frequent urination - if you know me well, you know I already go to the bathroom a lot...yeah, I'm going even more!
6. Heartburn - Which I've NEVER experienced before, thankfully it's not happening too often.
7. Always hungry! - My goal is to not gain a million pounds during this pregnancy, so I'm continuing to try to eat healthy as I have been doing so I'm trying to find healthy snacks for when about 10 am and 3 pm hit and I feel like I'm gonna die if I don't eat something!

I'm proud to say that so far I've experienced NO NAUSEA!!! Fingers crossed that continues!

These are cravings I've experienced thus far:
1. Tuna - which Dr told me not to eat, so I won't
2. Raw Onions - Eww, right?! Yeah, I've never eaten or liked raw onions before but lately I want them on everything! Cooked onions will do too! :-)

So that's pretty much what I can think of right now! It's so fun experiencing things I haven't experienced before! I've been praying for pregnancy symptoms for more than a year & a half, so I'm not complaining :-)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Orville

Orville is in the gestational sac which is the little black hole in the middle of the picture <3

1st Pregnancy Post!

I'm so excited to finally be writing in my blog about it's originally intended purpose!!

Last Monday, March 26, is a day that I will never forget! My 2 week wait was finally over! I had experienced many pregnancy symptoms but many of them were like PMS, so I really didn't know what Monday would bring. I went to Brooks Hospital at 7 am for my first pregnancy blood test which measures the level of HCG (pregnancy hormone) in my body. Then I had to wait, I thought the wait would take me into the afternoon but I was shocked when my phone started ringing from my doctors office at about 10:30 am. I was hoping for the best, but preparing myself for the worst! The words out of IVF Nurse Kathy's mouth were "Angie, I have good news for you," thinking about this moment is even making me emotional, I couldn't believe I was receiving THAT phone call, a phone call I wasn't sure if I'd ever get after everything we'd gone through, she told me I was pregnant! I immediately called Casey, and his phone went to voice mail. I knew he was with his Dad, so I called Bob and Casey answered the cell phone. He was in a bad service area and could barely hear me. I was sobbing while trying to tell him that I was pregnant! Well apparently I scared the shit out of him because I called him up crying! I was crying with joy! We immediately started telling our families and some close friends. Casey was ready to tell the whole world then but I wanted to wait a few days. Ohh and my HCG level came up at 350 on Monday, which was good.

I had to go for follow-up blood work on Wednesday to test the HCG level again. In typical pregnancies, the number is supposed to double every 48-72 hours. My doctors office likes to see it double every 48 hours. The nurse called me and told me my HCG level was 536. She said that they weren't too concerned yet, and that they would re-test me again on Friday. I instantly became worried then. Yes, my levels were going up (and not down) but they weren't doing the double like they had hoped for. This scared me and I was so nervous going into Friday.

I had my follow-up blood work on Friday. I waited and waited and waited which felt like FOREVER, I even called once hoping she had my results, but the nurse I speak to was on lunch! My stomach was twisting and turning all morning. I finally talked to her and told me my HCG level was now 871. It's still going up, but certainly not doubling every 48 hours. She also scheduled me for my first ultrasound on Tuesday, April 3. They still weren't concerned because the levels were rising.

I went for my ultrasound and one more blood work on Tuesday morning, this time up to Buffalo IVF. I had the ultrasound with my favorite nurse, Small Judy, she did the ultrasound and there clearly was the gestational sac, it looked good and it was exactly where it needed to be! It was so exciting seeing what our little baby is growing in! We even saw the tiny little yolk sac. Baby is too small to see just yet, but seeing that sac was definitely great news! Later on in the afternoon, I got a phone call that my HCG has now risen to 3230! Yay it's finally close to doing the doubling it's supposed to. While I was at the doctors, the nurse pointed out that generally with IVF and multiple eggs, the levels take longer to double...wish I had known that from the beginning instead of worrying myself, but oh well, that's what I do! Haha.

So now I have a picture of "Orville" hanging up on my desk in my office! I look up and just smile. It's absolutely amazing knowing I have a little baby growing inside of me. Ohh and I'm sure you're wondering about Orville?! Haha. Casey has seen the name Orville everywhere lately, and says we are naming our kid Orville. Well we're not gonna name the kid Orville, instead while it's in my belly, it will be called Orville. So that's what it's referred to as. That's what I call it when talking to it and so does Casey. My Mom pointed out that the poor kid is gonna have the nickname of Orville because that's what it will be called for the first 9 months while growing in my belly! Haha. I am 5 weeks, 6 days along right now, estimated due date is 11/29/2012. So I'm thinking Thanksgiving baby!!

So that's it for now, with my first pregnancy post.

Here are a few stats for myself and Baby Orville.
3/26/12 4w4d HCG 350. Weight 133.4 lbs.
3/28/12 4w6d HCG 536.
3/30/12 5w1d HCG 871.
4/3/12 5w5d HCG 3230. First ultrasound.