Friday, October 14, 2011

Almost 12 hours after surgery

I figured I'd do a quick post from my phone. Surgery scheduled on time today at 10 am and lasted about an hr. The dr made the 2 incisions, one in belly button, other around bikini line. The belly button incision is a little sore, I can barely fill the other. The rest of me feels like I got in a car wreck. My ribs, neck, shoulders & back are very sore, I was warned this would happen though, Casey was nice enough to get me a heat pad which has helped. I did have to have a breathing tube so my throat is VERY sore, feels like I left with strep! Ugh! Anyways, the dr found some endometriosis and zapped it away, so hopefully that will do the trick, fingers crossed. I have my post-op with him on Thursday so I'll find out exactly what's next then. Casey took that picture during recovery, I was definitely feeling better then than now! I think I'm about to take a hydro and hit the sack! Thanks again for everyones thoughts and prayers! <3

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  1. We love you Angie, and I'm glad that everything went well. I wish you a speedy recovery and a bright-baby-filled future! Love Always, Your Brother-in-Law, Tyler :)