Saturday, February 22, 2014

9 Month Update

Happy 9 months to my sweet boy!! Hank is quite the chatter box, talking non-stop. Words he says are mama, dada, all done & doggie (kinda). He also thinks the cats are doggies too. He has 6 teeth & has learned that it's funny to bite & grind his teeth! He also thinks it's funny when mommy says no, but when daddy says it it means business! He likes all sorts of foods (although he's been a little picky lately), his favorites are Mac & cheese with veggies & yogurt! He still is breastfed & never had a drop of formula. He weighs around 17 lbs. He had his first big illness, RSV, last week & got breathing treatments from his puppy nebulizer, but is thankfully all better and off the treatments for now. He army crawls & gets up on all 4's & crawls backwards. He likes to get up on his knees & "stand" in his crib & grab his mobile! He's a funny boy with a big personality!!


  1. crrraaaazy!! happy 9 months hank! its so cool to see the differences in all the babys that are the same age- henry just crawled forwards on friday, only has 4 teeth, wont stand on his own, and hasnt said any words lol, and your little guy is eating mac & cheese!!! :) hes too cute.